Neurodevelopment and Evolution: 

The Formation of Innate Circuit Priors and Behaviors


at Fairmont Tremblant

                                                                                                  Chapelle, Mont-Tremblant, CA J8E 1E1

The goal of this workshop is to bring together computational and experimental neuroscientists to discuss the mechanisms of how development can establish complex circuit priors. Through this workshop, participants will survey experimental and theoretical works to explore the specific wiring encoded by developmental programs, as well as the technical and analysis challenges that have been (and still need to be) overcome. The workshop will also discuss how neuroevolution tweaks development to expand function and hardwire behaviors, providing valuable insight for a broad range of neuroscientists. Ultimately, this workshop will provide a platform for participants to exchange ideas and share knowledge on the mechanics of learning complex tasks.


Harvard University

Columbia University

University of Michigan

INI Zurich

Boston University


Harvard University

Cambridge University